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Nepalese Biogas Project

SAFA BiogasFour students created a small non-profit organization called Safa Biogas (safa means clean in Nepali) to empower small communities throughout Nepal with the means to build and maintain their own anaerobic digesters. SAFA have developed a compact, simple, and affordable kit that excludes the tanks and barrels (which can be  purchased locally) to install a family-sized biogas digester that can provide clean biogas daily. Visit the Safa Biogas Facebook page, get onboard, spread the word and asssit with this great project!

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Biogas to Energy: The World Market for Biogas Plants

PR Newswire (press release) - 11 hours ago
Throughout the world, around 2,600 MWel of new biogas will be constructed by 2025, with RE subsidisation schemes being the most important market driver. Europe will remain the dominating region,...

Region wants public input on biogas facilities

The Record - 11 hours ago
Now's the time for residents to weigh in on three biogas facilities the Region of Waterloo wants to build at local...and...

Farm gets ready to sell biogas power, link to national grid

K24 TV - 11 hours ago
This comes after launching a Sh60 million mega biogas project, which is set to be officially opened by the Ministry of Energy officials later this year as the project is expected to not only power...

Food + biogas = fuel

Manteca Bulletin - 1 day ago
Manteca's food waste combined with methane gas from the municipal wastewater treatment plant could generate enough compressed natural gas to power properly-equipped vehicles averaging 15 miles...

High Plains Bioenergy Upgrading Biogas to RNG

waste360 - 6 days ago
High Plains Bioenergy (HPB), a subsidiary of Seaboard Foods, plans to upgrade its anaerobic digestion-derived biogas to renewable natural gas using a Carbotech Pressure Swing Adsorption system from...

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