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SAFA BiogasFour students created a small non-profit organization called Safa Biogas (safa means clean in Nepali) to empower small communities throughout Nepal with the means to build and maintain their own anaerobic digesters. SAFA have developed a compact, simple, and affordable kit that excludes the tanks and barrels (which can be  purchased locally) to install a family-sized biogas digester that can provide clean biogas daily. Visit the Safa Biogas Facebook page, get onboard, spread the word and asssit with this great project!

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Regional biogas project advancing

News-Press Now - 3 hours ago
A new biogas production plant based out of northern Missouri continues to make steady progress. It's been slightly more than a year since the first volumes of biogas processed from hog manure...

Pune's waste-to-biogas strategy fails

Hindustan Times - 21 hours ago
After having embarked on an ambitious strategy to increase the processing of kitchen waste or wet garbage through waste-to-biogas plants in various localities of the city, Pune Municipal Corporation...

Mexican scientists convert prickly pear cactus to biogas | Bioenergy ...

Bioenergy Insight Magazine - 2 days ago
Scientists in Mexico have developed a method to convert the prickly pear cactus into biogas, AFP reports. The distinctive, bright green cactus is farmed on...

Shift to biogas helps revive forests - 1 week ago
Forests in south India that had become degraded due to excessive fuelwood extraction recovered after villagers living nearby switched to biogas for their cooking fuel needs, says a study. Published...

India's first Euro 6 biogas bus and ethanol buses begin plying in Goa

Autocar Professional - 4 days ago
Scania India has announced operational rollout of the country's first Euro 6 biogas bus and two ethanol buses in association with Kadamba Transport ...and...

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