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Biogas Downloads

biogas downloads

If you are new to the Biogas world the following three documents are a great place to start…

1. Before Building Anything! What needs to be considered

2. Biogas Notes  Introduction to biogas

3. What Biogas Can Do For You An overview of biogas applications

Biogas systems are unique in how they create solutions to manage waste streams which recycles nutrients and carbon back into the soil. Well designed biogas systems protect the environment, and provide economic returns. Biogas systems also convert methane which is powerful Green House Gas (GHG) emission into a useful resource. The combustible methane used in the systems helps reduce emissions and has higher value than many other traditional renewable energy sources. Biogas can also be converted to biomethane which is a growing commodity in Europe, the US and Canada. It has the potential to reduce GHG emissions from transportation, and provides a multitude of additional benefits. So we can see biogas is a great sustainability story for farmers, councils, municipalities, food processors and for sustainable use of the environment.

Many rural communities in developing countries are forced to rely on the traditional energy sources such as firewood, dung, crop residues, and fossil fuel variants. These traditional sources are often expensive, unhealthy and or time-consuming to gather. Cooking accounts for most of energy consumption in the households of developing countries. Biogas is a great substitute for firewood and cattle dung. Importantly, it has been demonstrated that biogas can meet the energy needs of many rural and some urban populations.

Each link on the biogas downloads page takes you to a new page with documents you can download and study.

Academic Papers

Biogas Plant Design

Biogas Plant Construction

Biogas Stove Design

Biogas For Agriculture

Case Studies


Lagoon Digesters

Landfill Biogas

Misc Biogas Information

School Kits & Downloads

All our biogas downloads files can be viewed with a PDF reader like Acrobat. Acrobat can be downloaded for free here. Simply right click on any link and “save as” to your computer. Before downloading look at the file size to gain an appreciation of how long the download may take.


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