Community Biogas Plans


Community Biogas Plans

Below are a number of community biogas plans that can be downloaded and are suited to group or community installations. Refer to the Design page to download designs for smaller or larger systems.

community biogas plans

Manometer Testing

Biogas: Green Productivity for Community Development Green Productivity is a concept of harmonizing the socio-economic development and mechanism of environmental protection. 2.3Mb

Balaji Biogas Plant 264Kb Short article on Indian style concrete digester made with steel mould.

Biogas Digesters in India December 1982, by Robert Jon Lichtman, design and systems operation 773Kb

Biogas and Waste Recycling – The Philippine experience on community biogas plans 33Mb

Biogas Plants – 1988, Ludwig Sasse. The designer of a biogas plant must be able to distinguish between valid and invalid solutions. This book is intended to help in this respect. 1.1Mb (detailed)

Biogas Plants UN-ECDC Renewable Sources of Energy Voume 2, Biogas 18.6Mb (270 pages very informative)

Biogas Sanitation Ecosan Training Course, Wastewater Treatment. 4.5Mb

Biogas Systems in India Well illustrated with clear diagrams on various community biogas plans 11.9Mb

Consolidation of Information: Biogas Handbook, Pilot edition, November 1982, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, 144 pages.

Compost, Fertilizer and Biogas Production from Human and Farm Waste in China Comprehensive and detailed information on human waste, toilet and system designs. 8Mb

ENEG11002 Engineering Skills 2, (Biogas), c2011, Course Facilitator Steve Pinel, Project 2: Engineers Without Borders Challenge.

Fuel Gas From Cow Dung Designs in Nepal, with simple single chamber pit, well illustrated, floating drum, flame and water traps, pipe installation etc.  8.8Mb

Peace Corps – The Biogas/Biofertilizer Handbook, A very useful resource that covers community biogas plans, design and systems in easy to understand language.  164 pages, 1.5Mb

Technical Guide to EcoSan Promotion, November 2009, Onyango, P. et al., EU-GTZ/SIDA EcoSan Promotion Project Ministry of Water & Irrigation, Nairobi, Kenya.

Training Material on Biogas Sanitation, Version 1, July 2008, Compiled by Ecosan Services Foundation, Maharashtra, India


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