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We are always on the look-out for new and relevant landfill biogas information to add to this download page. If you are an author, or have come across something and wish to share it please contact us so we can build this repository of knowledge.

An Overview of Landfill Gas Energy in the United States, July 2013, U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyLandfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP).

Design Of Landfill Gas Systems – Power Point Presentation 5.8Mb, SCS Engineers.

Economic and Financial Aspects of Landfill Gas to Energy Project Development in California, April 2002, Public Interest Energy Research,Californian Energy Commission,  2.2Mb

Estimates of Methane Recovery in Landfill Gas Flaring and Utilisation: Report, Climate Change Research Programme (CCRP) 2007-2013, Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland.

Guidance Note on Landfill Gas Capture and Utilization , 2010, Horacio Terraza and Hans Willumsen, Inter-American Development Bank Infrastructure and Environment Sector, Technical notes, No. 108.

Handbook for the Preparation of Landfill Gas to Energy Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, Jan 2004, The World Bank – ESMAP, Washington, DC.

International Best Practices Guide for LFGE Projects – 2012 1.03Mb

Landfill Gas Handbook – 1.9Mb 2005, Field Procedures Handbook for the Operation of Landfill Biogas Systems, International Solid Waste Association
Working Group for Sanitary Landfills.

Landfill Gas Design, Construction, Operation 2002, Mississippi LFG Energy Workshop, April 2005, PowerPointPresentation 1.9Mb

Landfill Gas Management Facilities Design Guidelines, March 2010, Ministry of Environment, British Columbia, Canada

Landfill Gas Soils and Foundations Handbook 2000, State of Florida, State Materials Office, Florida 3.7Mb

Landfill Manuals: Landfill Site Design, Environmental Protection Agency 2000, Ireland, 154 pages

Landfill Gas Flaring – 817Kb Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Landfill Gas-Based Pathways and Their Addition to the GREET Model, May 2010, Energy Systems Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, Unites States of America.

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