Methane and Biogas


Methane and Biogas

Biogas is a fuel produced by a digestion device fed by agricultural, animal or household waste. The waste is made into a slurry and contained in a tank known as a biodigester or biogas plant. Not only does the biogas plant produce fuel, it has added benefits of producing high nutrient fertilizers and also encourages better sanitation.

Methane and biogas – The methane released from animal manure, is a major constituent of greenhouse gas. In comparison to carbon dioxide and the global warming potential, methane is 25 times more potent (over a 100 year period) than carbon dioxide. In using the waste and burning methane it reduces green house gas emissions. There is a difference between biogas and biomethane with the latter being much more refined.

There are many different type of methane and biogas plant designs. Two of the most prolific and basic designs are the Chinese fixed dome and Indian with floating gas holder as seen below.

The fixed-dome methane and biogas design belowconsists of one lower segment (for the digester) and a hemisphere over it (for both digester and gas holder). The mixing tank is connected to the digester by pipe and when the new slurry is poured into the digester, a corresponding action occurs and material is pushed into the outlet tank which then overflows through another hole provided in the outlet tank.

methane and biogas

The floating-drum methane and biogas plant has fairly deep digester underground and this is connected by inlet and outlet pipes. A steel gas holder drum, is inverted over the slurry, rising and falling depending on the accumulation and withdrawal of gas.

The bag-type plant is manufactured high-strength PVC-polyester fabric and other compounds. The bag system can be used with low-pressure stoves and lamps.These can be quite a lot cheaper but don’t last for the same period of time as the two designs mentioned above.

biogas bag

Our download area has lots of information to get you started and to assist you with building your own methane and biogas plant.


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