Biogas Plant Design


biogas plant design

Biogas Plant Design Downloads

The Construction download section also has some biogas plant design embedded, so is worth looking through. This biogas plant design page is divided into a few categories to make information easier to find at the scale you might be looking for:

Small Scale Biogas Designs – domestic and household biogas plant design

Community Biogas Plans – village sized or more complex designs

Large Scale Biogas Designs – large scale agricultural or commercial installations


General Biogas Plant Design Information

2 Designs for Methane Digesters For Fuel Gas and Fertilizer 43.3Mb (168 pages)

Anaerobic Digester Calculator calculator to assist with your biogas plant design

Biogas Plant Proposal (may give you some ideas on how to write a funding proposal)

Design of a Biogas Digester Basic overview of domestic digesters 231Kb

Digester Basic Design and Theory by Simon Knowles, 7 pages 114Kb

Planning – Steps To Take, A checklist of steps developed by Penn State University 59Kb

Polyethylene Biogas Dome Plants rather than domes made of concrete 540Kb

Purification of Biogas –  Removing hydrogen sulphide from biogas for use in combustion engines. 410Kb

Selecting and Sizing Small Biogas Units  The objectives of this study were to develop literature that could be used by laymen to assess the viability of installing biogas units and to size the biogas units with reference to a selected numbers of cows. 546Kb

Understanding Biogas Generation, Background information on various biogas plant design 252Kb



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