Academic Biogas Papers


Academic Biogas Papers

This academic biogas papers page contains a range of publications sourced from around the world. If you have additional and relevant material you would like to see added please contact us and we will include.

1981 – 1986

Anaerobic Digestion: Principles and Practices for Biogas Systems, 1986, Charles G. Gunnerson and David C. Stuckey, Integrated Resource Recovery Series GLO/80/004 Number 5, World Bank Technical Paper Number 49.

Biogas in Small-scale Rural Electricity Generation, 1985, H.H. Jawurek, D. Frenz and C. Myers, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, N&O Journal.

Biogas Technology, Transfer and Diffusion, November 1984, Proceedings of the International Conference held at the National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt.

The Characterisation of Production and Function of a 15m3 Red-Mud PVC Biogas Digester B. Pound, F. Fordas and T.R. Preston Tropical Animal Production, 1981.


Producing Methane From Effluent (c1998) Jenangi, L., Adelaide University Diploma in Agricultural Production . Look at methods of monitoring digester performance; and Investigate the application of Plug Flow Anaerobic Digesters by small farmers in rural areas of Papua New Guinea.


The Development of an Efficient Combustion System that Fires Bio-Fuels, for use in Rural Areas of the Philippines (c2001) This paper details the research and development of an efficient burner system, operating onbiogas, for use in remote or rural regions of developing countries such as the Philippines. A desirable use for such a system in these areas is domestic cooking, and the burner has been designed with this need in mind, focusing on characteristics such as simplicity, cost effectiveness, efficiency and safety.


Biogas from AD: Bioexell Training Manual, (c2005) European Biogas Centre of Excellence.

Biogas Technology For Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development, (c2005?) Nema, B.P., no date, Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal, India.


A Small-Scale Biogas Digester Model for Hen Manure Treatment: Evaluation and Suggestions, 2007, Emel Kocak-Enturk, Kaan Yetilmezsoy and Mustafa Ozturk, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.


Biogas Handbook 5MB 2008 This handbook was a collaborative effort of a group of biogas experts from Denmark, Germany, Austria and Greece.


Durability of a Small Agricultural Engine on Biogas/Diesel Dual Fuel Operation, 2010, Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, Transaction B: Engineering, Vol.34, No.B2, pp 167-177, Shiraz University, Iran.

Methanol Production From Biogas, International Journal of Mathematics and Compter Simulation, Issue 2, Volume 4, 2010.

Microbiological Handbook for Biogas Plants, Revised December 2010, Schurer, A., and Jarvis, A., English translation funded by Growing Forward, report by Swedish Waste Management, Swedish Gas Centre.


Design of Small Scale Anaerobic Digesters for Application in Rural Developing Countries, Graduate Thesis November 2011, Laurel Erika Rowse, University of South Florida.

Improving the Potential for Small-ScaleWet-Waste-Fed Biogas Digestors using low-cost design principles and new combinations of microbial consortia, August 2011, Culhane, T.H. and Walter-Anthony,K., American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Reduced Hydraulic Retention Times in Low-cost Tubular Digesters: Two issues, 2011, Mart-Herreo, J., Biomass and Bioenrgy, , doi:10.1016/j.biombioe.2011.07.020.


Two Novel Floor-Scale Anaerobic Digester Systems for Processing Food Waste, June 2012, Frear, C., et al., Washington State Department of Ecology, USA.


Biogas Production from Sawdust Waste, Cow Dung and Water Hyacinth-Effect of Sawdust Concentration, Otaraku IK, Ogedengbe EV, 2013, International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Managment, Volume 2, Issue 6, pps 91-93.

Biogas – Trends in Germany: Biogas as a key in future energy systems, 14 Oct 2013, Clemens Findeisen, German Biogas Association.

Bioslurry = Brown Gold? A review of scientific literature on the co-product of biogas production, deGroot L, Bogdanski A, 2013, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This review attempts to synthesize the findings of the growing peer-reviewed literature on bioslurry to provide a sound and scientific basis for bioslurry use. At the same time, it sets out to identify the various research gaps.

Co-digestion of Food Waste and Human Excreta for Biogas Production, Dahunsi SO, Oranusi US, 2013, British Biotechnology Journal, 3(4): pages 485-499.

Dissemination and Problems of African Biogas Technology, Mulinda Q, Pan K, 2013, Energy and Power Engineering, 2013, 5, 506-512.

Effect of cow dung variety on biogas production, January 2013, Godi, N.Y. et al., Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research Vol. 5(1), pp. 1-4.

Operating Procedures for Efficient Anaerobic Digester Operation , March 2013, Suryawanshi, P.C. eta al., Research Journal of Animal, Veterinary and Fishery Sciences, Vol. 1(2), 12-15.

The Economic & Environmental Feasibility of Biogas Buses in Liege, Mostert M & Limbourg S, 2013, BIVEC/GIBET Transport Research Day.


A Review on Trends Issues and Prospects fro Biogas Production in Developing Countries, Divya D, Gopinath LR and Merlin Christy P, International Research Journal of Environment Scienes, Vol.3(1), January 2014.

Anaerobic Digestion of Kitchen Wastes: Biogas Production, Purification and Application in I.C. Engines, NHS Ray, MK Mohanty, RC Mohanty, International Journal of Latest Trends in Engineering and Technology, Vol.3 Issue 3 January 2014.

Biogas potentials from mixed substrates: effect of pre-treatment and co-digestion, Radziah Wahid, 2014. Department of Engineering, Aarhus University. Denmark. 29pp. – Technical report BCE -TR-9

Biogas Production from Tofu Liquid Waste on Treated Agricultural Wastes, Rahmat et al., American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences 9 (2): 226-231, 2014.

Biogas Production Using Geomembrane Plastic Digesters as Alternative Rural Energy Source and Soil Fertility Management, Sied Yimer, Bezabih Yimer and Omprakash Sahu, Sustainable Energy, 2014, Vol. 2, No. 1, pgs 12/19.

Comparative Study of Mesophilic Biogas Production Potentials of Selected Agro-Wastes, 2014, Tsunatu D. Yavini et al., The International Journal Of Engineering And Science, Vol 3, Issue 2, 01-06.

Design of Bio Gas Generation Plant Based on Food Waste, February 2014, Beedu, R. and Modi, P., International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Special Issue-2.

Development and Application of Prefabricated Biogas Digesters in Developing Countries, 2014, Shikun Cheng et al., Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 34 (2014) 387–400.

Measurement and analysis of biogas fertilizer use efficiency, nutrient distribution and influencing factors of biogas residues and slurry on pig farms, Fan M et al. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Vol.7, No. 1, 2014.

Methane Production from Solid Potatoes by a Procedure Simulating a Bench-Scale Sequencing Batch Reactor Anaerobic Process, 2014, Colussi, I. et al., Chem. Biochem. Eng. Q., 28 (1) 135–141 (2014).

Odour Impact by Field Inspections: Method and Results from an Agricultural Biogas Facility, 2014, Keck, M. et al., The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Transactions, Vol.40.

Performance Evolution Of Various Models Of Bio-Gas Technologies In Household Environment, March 2014, Singh, V.W. et al., International Journal of Scientific & technology Research, Vol.3, Issue 3.

Pretreatment of feedstock for enhanced biogas production, 2014, Technical Brochure Montgomery, L. and Bochmann, G. IEA Bionergy.

Short-term effects of biogas digestate and cattle slurry application on greenhouse gas emissions from high organic carbon grasslands, April 2014, T. Eickenscheidt et al., Biogeosciences Discuss., Published by Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union.


Biogas Production From Animal Manure, June 2015, Recebli, Z. et. al., Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Vol. 10, No. 6 (2015) 722 – 729

Biogas Production Using Water Hyacinth (Eicchornia crassipes) for Electricity Generation in Kenya. Njogu, P., Kinyua, R., Muthoni, P. and Nemoto, Y. (2015)  Energy and Power Engineering, 7, 209-216.

Biological purification processes for biogas using algae cultures: A review, R. Ramaraj and N. Dussadee, 2015,  International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy. Special Issue: Renewable Energy Applications in the Agricultural Field and Natural Resource Technology. Vol. 4, No. 1-1, 2015, pp. 20-32.

Improvement of Biogas Production from Orange Peel Waste by Leaching of Limonene, 2015, Rachma Wikandari, et al., Hindawi Publishing Corporation BioMed Research International

New Collection System for Food Waste to Biogas, Mimmi Bissmont et al., Energiforsk Rapport 2015:100 [Swedish Study]

Modelling the Potential Biogas Productivity Range from a MSW Landfill for Its Sustainable Exploitation, 2015, Rada, E.L. et al., Sustainability 2015, 7, 482-495;

Performance of a Novel Downward Plug-Flow Anaerobic Digester for Methane Production from Chopped Straw, 2015, Luo, T. et al., BioResources, 10(1), 943-955.


Optimal use of biogas from waste streams An assessment of the potential of biogas from digestion in the EU beyond 2020, European Commission.



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